A blog award!

An award! madebymarly has been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by http://byhookorbypen.wordpress.com/. Thank you so much for this award!

Now the rules:

  1.  Thank the person who gave you this award
  2.  Include a link to their blog
  3.  Pass the award onto 15 blogs (I’m doing 2.  I’m new to the blogosphere, and I could only find 2.)
  4.  Tell 7 things about yourself

The Nominations. The following blogs have won the VBA award. I can only manage 5, as I recently nominated 15 other blogs for the award and have run out of prospect recipients.  So here it is:

  1. http://mindfulnessandme.org/ – I love your new post with the blanket!  It’s beautiful!
  2. http://actoncreative.net/ – The woven items are beautiful.  I just ordered a Martha Steward loom, and am trying to make a baby blanket, but it’s awfully slow going.

About myself:

  1. I’ve never eaten a Big Mac
  2. I often use Tenderflake for my pie crusts
  3. I am a first aid instructor
  4. I broke a tooth playing Red Rover
  5. I broke my nose playing Capture the Flag
  6. I ran 5k once, and would really like to get another one in this summer
  7. I am terrified of moths

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