Crochet necklace

Here’s my first attempt at making crochet jewellery:

And here’s a close up to see the detail:

This was actually really easy to make, and didn’t take a lot of time.  To save yourself a lot of grief, when you are knitting or crocheting with beads, here is the most important thing:

**Put all of your beads on your string before you start!!**  And if possible, put more than you need on.  I used a small guage wire, and 2.75mm hook (I think for US sizes, it’s ‘C’, but I’m not sure.  It’s quite small.)  I put 16 crystal beads on per strand.  I started by attaching the wire to a jump ring, and then I did 4sc, added a bead, and then did 4sc, repeating until I had 16 beads on.  I made three strands, and then I noticed that one was a lot longer, so I braided them.  Thank goodness it’s forgiving!  It was my first time working with wire, so I had a hard time getting my tension right at first, but by the end of the project, I was moving a lot more quickly.  The whole thing took me about half an hour to make, and it did look rather pretty.


*Edit June 25**  I realize that in the pattern, I put it was sc, but it was actually a chain stich.  I’m new to crochet, and didn’t realize my error when I was typing up the post.


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