Wine cozies

I’m probably not the first one to admit that I have problems finishing things.  I was terrible at writing essays in school because I always had trouble with my closing paragraphs.  It’s the same thing with my projects.  I love to start a new one, but I have trouble finishing them.  Unless I have a goal.  That’s why I can give things as gifts, because I’ve got the goal to get them finished by a certain date.  Here are two examples of gifts that I made back in 2007.  One was a gift for a cooperating teacher who liked wine, and the second was to go with a wedding gift.  I made that one in the wedding colours, and it accompanied wine glasses that they had on their registry.


As for the embellishments, the first one was embroidered with gold stars.  The second one has the bride and groom’s names, and the date of their wedding on the other side.  I got the pattern from a knitty article.  Here’s the link:

I guess the most important thing that I did was to size up as I went.  I used a bottle to make sure I went up high enough for the neck.  I tend to knit really tightly, so if I follow a pattern, sometimes things end up to be quite a bit smaller than intended.  Like the sweater that I made myself… but that’s another story for another day.


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