Adventures in Cake Pops

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post.  I finished up the school year on Tuesday, and then it was busy, busy, busy getting ready for the market!  I hope to get some more pictures up soon.

However, for now, I will regale you with my adventures in cake pops.  Cupcakes are normally my thing, but because there is another vendor at the market who sells them, I thought that I’d try something else.  So pops it is!

Here are my critters that I made:Image

I made pigs, cows, chicks, and chickens, and they seemed to go over really well with the kids.  They were placed on top of this cake:Image

Now, for the cake… it was a simple white pound cake made with buttercream frosting.  I realize that I need a little bit of work on my lettering, but I think it turned out pretty good.  The barn was made with rice crispie squares, then frosted.

Finally, as it was Canada Day, I made a few festive pops:Image

These were dipped in white chocolate with some maple leaf sprinkles (while I also used for the chickens!).  I had bought a maple leaf cookie cutter, and had every intention to dip those in red chocolate, but it didn’t pan out.  They were too heavy and fell apart in my chocolate.  Oh well.

The pops did pretty well.  Once I got the hang of them, they did turn out good, but my first ones (the pigs) were kind of lumpy.  It got better as the day went on.  They will definitely take more practice.


3 thoughts on “Adventures in Cake Pops

  1. Thanks ladies! Once I got the hang of them, they did turn out well, and I couldn’t get over how moist and delicious they were. I mean… it’s cake… mixed with frosting… dipped in chocolate… how can that not be good?

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