Earring Organization

Last October I was doing some cleaning, and my jewellery box was a mess.  Necklaces were all tangled, and earrings were mismatched, and it took half an hour to find what I wanted.  My necklaces are still a little messy now, but I’ve got a good system for my earrings.

This one is for the hook earrings:


And for the earrings with posts:


And they were really easy to make!  Remember how in the last post the term ‘pack rat’ came up?  Well… we do like to save things in our house.  But this time, it worked to our advantage.  These were two picture frames that had the glass broke out of them.  The screen came from a roll that was used to make a door, I believe, and there was still some left.  I cut out a piece of screen large enough to fit the back of the frame, and then I went to town with the glue gun, making sure every piece of the edge of screen was glued down, and voila!  My husband also made something like this for me to sell my earrings, as well.  He made a frame, and mounted it to a stand to hold other things.

On another note, I just joined pintrest.  This could be addicting…


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