Mario and Luigi Cakepops

A friend of mine recently asked me to make some cakepops for her grandson’s 8th birthday.  Here’s the process!

Start with a plain cake pop:

Next, what you’ll do is attach nose and ears to the pop using melted chocolate.  I used cake, and it worked ok, but next time I’ll use a mini m&m for the nose, and half of one for each ear to make them more uniform.

Dip them in chocolate, I used white chocolate mixed with a little bit of yellow and red food colouring to make it a peachy colour.  I then let them sit over night to harden.

After that, I cut red and green chocolate melts in half.  Using a little bit of the red chocolate, I stuck the half melt in to use as the brim of the hat.

Using a paint brush, I painted the top of the head with the red chocolate to make the hat.

I did both hats in red in green, then put a little white dot on the hat.  I then added a L or an M to the hat.

Here’s how the faces turned out:

And of course Mario needs Luigi:

I hope Cobey enjoys them, and that you did too!


4 thoughts on “Mario and Luigi Cakepops

  1. They look great Marly, I just know Cobey will love them and so will his little brother Mason, I can’t wait till they see them! Thanks so much for your hard work, cheers”! Sheila

  2. The pops were a real hit Marly, not only with the kids, the adults thought they were amazing too. Sorry I didn’t order twice as many so the big kids could have had some too! lol

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