How to Make a Tulle Tutu

I’ve got a son, and I love him… but I can’t dress him in frilly flowery things.  So I like to make things for other little girls to wear.  Today I made tutus.  In the epitome of girlyness, I made them pink.

Yes, he is wearing a blue tie… but he also rocks the tutu.

They were really easy to make.  First you start with a wide ribbon.  I used white, but any colour will do.

This ribbon was 2.7m or 3 yards long.  I cut it in half to make two tutus.  Next I used my son’s pants as a guide for how long I wanted the tulle.

Make the tulle twice as long as you want it.  To attach it to the ribbon, fold it in half, loop it around the ribbon, and pulls the tails through the loop.  You can pick which side of the loop you want showing.  I used the flat half.

Continue until it is as long as you want, and presto!  You’ve got a tutu!

As an aside… I was making tutus for smaller children, up to age three, so using the three colours of tulle, I could make four tutus.  But you’ll need to gauge depending on the size of the child you’re making it for.  One roll of tulle should make one tutu, if you’re only using one colour.  You may also want to put a small dot of hot glue in behind the tulle to keep it from sliding along the ribbon, or at least at the end pieces to keep them in place.



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