Quick Project! Crochet a Newborn-Sized Santa Hat

I apologize for those of you who think this is too early, but I’m starting on my Christmas gifts.  Through my facebook page, I found a local photographer.  I offered to crochet a Santa hat for her to use in some of her upcoming shoots.  I hope you like it, Tamara!  I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’m new to crochet, especially making up my own patterns.  I had tried about 4 different patterns before I settled on this one, and once I did, it came together very quickly, in under two hours.  Here is the secret:

Super bulky yarn (Red Hear Light and Lofty) and a 10mm crochet hook, yessiree!

Here’s the pattern I came up with, feel free to make any changes!

Newborn Crochet Santa Hat

Round 1 – With the red yarn, make a magic ring, ch 2.  Make 4hdc into the ring.  Join at the first hdc, not at the ch (it makes for an invisible seam). (4hdc)

Round 2 – Ch 2, and then make 2hdc in each (8hdc – do not count first ch2, just count the hdc)

Round 3 – Ch 2, *hdc in first stitch, then 1 hdc*, repeat between the stars three more times (12hdc)

Rounds 4-7 – Continue in this fashion, adding 4hdc each row until you get to 28.  This should have a circumference of about 13″, if it doesn’t, make one more round.

Round 8 – hdc (28hdc).  Break the red colour.

Round 9 – join the white yarn, and sc all around.

Round 10 & 11 – sc, bind off, and sew in the tail.

If you need to make it longer, you can add more rounds of white.

To finish, add a white pompom to the top.

**Variations for older children – continue increasing until the hat has reached the proper circumference, and then add one more row of red, and then a few of white.

I hope that pattern made sense!  I will get used to writing patterns one of these days…

4 thoughts on “Quick Project! Crochet a Newborn-Sized Santa Hat

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