Just Another Friday Night

We had a night in Friday night.  Life’s been busy, so we just decided to stay in, and relax.  My little kitchen helper helped me make some cookies.  I decided to try making macarons again, because I had some aged egg whites from Tuesday, but because little boy didn’t like them, we made some pre-made cookies.  They were on sale at the grocery store, and came with a coupon, so I decided to pick up a package for the two of us.  He had a great time arranging them on the cookie sheet:

And then patiently watched them cook:

He even found the oven mit and put it on himself!

Meanwhile, I was trying macarons out again.  Yeesh.  Maybe I’ll get them right one of these days.  At least they weren’t hallow:

But by the time I put in the ganache, they were a little too tall for my liking:

Ah, well… at least they tasted good.  I’ll get the knack of them someday!  This is what happens when the mixture is too thick.  I don’t think that I had enough egg whites.  I had measured out 90g on Tuesday, and took 45g then, and I thought that I had 45g left, but I think it was probably a little less.  I’ll keep at it until I have them perfected, and I’ll be sure to share the secret with you!

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