How to Make a Fantastic Muffin

I’m teaching a first aid course over the next couple of days, and as the instructor, I’m in charge of our nutrition breaks.  I made a few batches of muffins, and tomorrow morning I’ll pick up a vegetable tray.  I thought that I’d use this opportunity to give you some tips to make your muffins even better!

1. The Batter

Muffins are different from cakes or cupcakes.  When you make cake batter, the batter is very runny, and can pour off of your spoon.  You do not want this with muffins.  You want it lumpy, and definitely not pour-able.  If you try to pour it off of your spoon, it will fall off in clumps.  The lumpy batter will keep your muffins from being tough.  I never use a mixer with my muffins, it’s usually a spoon!  Take away point: do not over mix!

2.  When are they ready?

With a cake, you insert a toothpick, and if it comes out clean, it’s ready!  That’s not the case with a muffin.  With a muffin, you touch the top, and if it springs back, it’s ready.  Other tell-tale signs are the smell, and the browning of the top.  If you take them out too early, they’ll sink in the middle, and probably be quite doughy in the middle.


I’m sure there are many other tips to help with your muffin baking, but these are the two that I always use.  Do you have any others?

PS – Happy New Year!  I do have some more posts to go up (including a rather delicious smoothie recipe that I made yesterday!), and hopefully they’ll be up within the week!


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