Old Cheddar and Roasted Red Pepper Grilled Cheese

We really liked a grilled cheese sandwich in our house.  It’s pretty much a Sunday lunch staple, when we’re looking for something quick and easy after church.  And if we’ve been extra good, there’s usually two slices of cheese, one cheddar and one white slice (either white cheddar, or swiss, depending on what’s in the fridge).

However, sometimes you need a change.  I came across this recipe recently for a grilled pimento cheese sandwich, and thought it looked pretty tasty.  Here’s how I made ours!

I took about 1/2c of old cheddar cheese, and pulsed it in the food processor until it looked like this:


Next, I added some roasted red peppers, the equivalent of about 1/4 pepper.  You can roast your own, but for this, I bought a bottle of the pickled red peppers, which are also called ‘pimentos’.  I added them to the food processor next:


Next I added a few cloves of garlic.  We used the bottled, pre-minced garlic, so it was about 4 cloves.  I also added two tablespoons of mayonnaise.  My two-year old also learned how to say ‘mayonnaise’ tonight, and shocked the rest of his family.


Next, you will want to butter the sides of two pieces of bread, and toast them in the frying pan at the same time:


You can then add your cheese mixture:


And voila!  A very tasty and flavourful sandwich.  The two-year old ate more than three-quarters of the sandwich.  He kept saying ‘yummy yummy!’ and ‘num num num’, which is music to a mother’s ears!



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