Hello Kitty Cake Pops

Hello Kitty has been popular since the new year at our house.  A few weeks ago, I made a cake for a friend’s daughter.  Last week, I was asked to make cake pops for a friend’s niece.  She also asked me to make some Ninja Turtle cake pops for her grandson’s birthday this weekend, so be sure to check for that in a few days!

For starters… Hello Kitty doesn’t have a round head, so you need to make a ball, and then flatten it, to give her a more oval shape.  Just be careful not to flatten it too much, because you still need to insert the stick.

Cake pops

Next, I attached white chocolate chips as ears with a little bit of the melting chocolate before I dipped them.

cake pops

Then I dipped the pops in white melting chocolate.

cake pops

For the bow, you could paint on a red bow with red melting chocolate.  However, because it’s close to Valentine’s Day, there are a lot of heart sprinkles around.  So I used to red heart sprinkles and one mini red M&M to make the bow, attached to the head with a little bit of melting chocolate.

Hello Kitty Cake Pop

For the face, I used a little bit of yellow melting chocolate for the nose.  You could use a yellow candy-coated sunflower seed, but I have a hard time finding them around here.  For the whiskers and eyes, I just used dark chocolate.  Which I tried to dye with food colouring, but turned into a gross clump of chocolate that needed to be promptly disposed of.

Hello Kitty Cake Pops

And there they are, all set to go to a birthday party!  Definitely an easy cake pop to do, not a lot of tricky details to add to it.


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