Crochet Cow Hat

When I came across this pattern, I knew I was going to have to make it.  (Please visit the link for the pattern!  Amy’s pretty creative!)

Crochet Cow Hat

I made the 6-12 month size, so I used a 5mm hook, and made 11 rows.  I made a few changes from the original pattern.  For one, I didn’t use buttons.  I’d be scared that the little babe would take it off in the car and find a button to chew on.  I just used black and white thread for the eyes and nostrils.  Secondly, the first first row I made, I did it in hdc instead of dc.  Lately, all of my hats have been cone-headed (just see any post that I’ve put up with a hat), so it was suggested to me to make the first round hdc, and it seemed to work pretty good here!  Thirdly, because this is a hat for a little one, I didn’t make the final round for the eye, to make the patch smaller.  I also only did four rows of the muzzle, as well.  For the muzzle, I ch 17, and instead of making 16hdc, I did an increase on the first and last stitch, to make 18.  This made the muzzle more round.  And finally, I made two additional pieces for the ears in white, so the ears would have a white back, and it would cover the mess of changing colours.

Have fun with your crochet!

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