Booties, and Blankets, and Birthdays, oh my! And lots of other things…

Saturday was a very busy day in our household.  Hubby took our son for a drive in the morning.  They went out for breakfast and then went ‘topping’ (shopping, to my two-year-old son).  Once they got home, my son and I hit the road again.  First we went to a baby shower.  Here’s a few shots of the gifts that I made my friend:

Cow Beanie and Booties Cuffed Baby Booties

Here is a link to the bootie pattern, and you can check out my previous post on the hat (also includes a link to the full pattern).  This was my first time making booties, and I’m very pleased with how they turned out.  If you check out the site where I got the pattern from, she also includes a video tutorial on how to make the sole of the bootie, to help you out.

After the shower, we went to a second birthday party for a little girl who lives up the road from us.  We arrived a little late, because the shower and the party were at the same time, but we also stayed later because the two kiddies were having a great time playing with her new toys.

Another exciting thing happened on Saturday:


A parcel arrived in the mail for me!  Actually, it arrived Friday, but we could only get to the post office on Saturday morning.  Isn’t it great when you get something in the mail?  Even though I knew exactly what it was, I was still pretty excited.  Here’s what I ordered:


A new baby blanket pattern and yarn for our new arrival, and a set of kitchen cloths with toppers.  My hubby really likes the kitchen cloths, so I figured that it was time for me to learn how to make them myself.  The blanket is a knit entrelac pattern in vibrant colours.  I made an entrelac scarf back when I was in university, but it should be interesting to make it on a larger scale.

March break started for us this weekend, so I’m off for a whole week.  I’m hoping to finish a few things that I started so I can begin that blanket.  Once I get them done, I’ll show them to you!  One is a sharp crochet hook project that I’m quite excited about.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone!


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