Pretty Pink Purse

I finally got around to using my sharp crochet hook.  I ordered my kit just after Christmas, and was itching to get started on a project.  I started this purse, and finished it today!  It only took a break from school to get it finished…

Crochet Pink Purse

How the sharp crochet hook works is pretty neat.  I plan on making another one of these purses, now that I know what I’m doing, and I’ll show you everything up close.  I had taken pictures of the work in progress, but they were lost.  So for now, I’ll just have to give you the pattern.

Crochet Purse

Using your sharp hook, crochet right into the zipper.  I used a 7″ zipper for this pattern, but you could easily use anything longer or smaller.  I made an hdc every 1/4″, plus two extra at each end.  This meant that I had 32 across.  (I had originally used a sc, but it pulled it too tight, hdc worked much better.)

At the each of the 4 corners, I made 3hdc in the same hole to give a little bit of turning space.

Crochet Purse

Then I added one more hdc on either side of the zipper.  In total, it was 76 hdc around.  I alternated 1 row hdc with 1 row dc for 16 rows.  Then I sewed the bottom up.  For the handle, I made a chain that looked ‘long enough’, by holding it to where I wanted it placed on either end of the zipper.  Then I added two rows of dc to give it the width it needed.

This was definitely an easy project, and great for anyone who wants to try out the sharp crochet hook.

For ordering, you can check out the website here.  I will mention that it came in good time, I think it took 15 days from the day I ordered it, and because the exchange rate is so good right now for Canadians, the price you see on the page is almost the price you pay, plus the charge for shipping internationally.


7 thoughts on “Pretty Pink Purse

  1. I must not be using it correctly. I have to work very hard to get it through flannel to make an edging for a receiving blanket, and it was very difficult to use the size 10 crochet thread. 😦

    • If you bought your sharp hook in the last several months….. The company changed the point. The I know is because I lost the original Sharp hook and ordered another. As soon as I received it I knew it was different not as sharp and shorter. I contacted the owner she acknowledged they had changed the hook and said they had a few of the old style left I asked her to sent me 3 since the new style was pretty much useless to me….

  2. I had to abandon using it for some fabrics, Linda… it seemed to work like a dream on the zipper, but it didn’t work well with the some fleece that I bought. I’m not as familiar with crochet threads yet, because I haven’t been doing it that long, but I think that I used 3 for this project. I found that I needed to insert the hook in probably an inch further than I would normally do, and then I could pick up the thread and draw it back through the fabric. The first row did take me a while to do, but I was very pleased with how it turned out.

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