Crockpot Rice Krispie Squares

Spring has arrived!  And it brought a snowstorm with it… and a snow day.  So we’re home in our PJs today.  We made some crockpot rice krispie squares today, and let me tell you, are they ever easy!  You use the recipe on the box, and here’s what you do:

Put your butter in first (I use margarine):

crockpot rice krispie squares

Then you add the marshmallows (the recipe calls for 40, but I put in 50, because I like ’em gooey):

crockpot rice krispie squares

I added vanilla at this point, and then covered the whole thing with the rice krispies:

crockpot rice krispie squares

Note: this the the 4L insert for my slow cooker.  If you have a smaller slow cooker, you will need to adjust the recipe.  At this point, I turned it on low and let it cook for about 50 minutes.

If it looks like this after stirring, it’s ready!


If the marshmallows haven’t all melted yet, leave it for another 20 minutes or so.


After you get it stirred, press it down into a GREASED 9×13 pan.  I used a piece of parchment paper to keep my fingers from getting sticky.


And then enjoy!  Yum yum!

crockpot rice krispie squares

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