How to make Dora the Explorer Cake Pops (and stars!)

One of my very good friends had a daughter who just turned 3, and her birthday party was on Saturday.  It was a Dora theme, and I was asked if I would be able to make some Dora the Explorer cake pops.  I never have before, but I thought that I could try.  I was also really excited to try out some shaped ones (I tried maple leaves for Canada Day last year, and they were an epic fail… the cookie cutter was too large.  Will try again this year…).  Here’s how they turned out:

Dora Cake Pops

Step 1: form your cake balls.  Dora’s head is not round, so make a ball, and then squash it a little to make it egg-shaped.  The stars were made by using a small cookie cutter, and they are probably as thick as what the cutter was.  From here on out, I focused on the stars.  Dora was made using peanut butter candy melts, and I wanted to get the peanut-free pops made first.

Star Cake Pop

Step 2: after inserting the stick, I used a spoon to coat the pop in purple chocolate.  Make sure to tap off any extra chocolate.

Star Cake Pops

They look so good!

Star Cake Pops

Step 3: After the chocolate has hardened, trace a line around the star using more melted chocolate.  I used a toothpick.  If I happened to be doing any more than a few (I made 6), I would have either put the chocolate into my squirt bottle or into a piping bag.  You want to do this very quickly, and while the chocolate is still soft sprinkle on a coordinating colour of sugar.

Star Cake Pops

Step 4: Next, draw the face.  White chocolate first for the eyes, then regular light chocolate for the pupils, lines around the eyes and mouth.  Note, the mouth is kind of like a sideways y, not a normal smiley face.  Now… onto Dora!

Dora Cake Pops

Step 5: I used peanut butter candy melts to coat the entire pop.  My first time using them, and they are super yummy.  If there are allergies, you may be able to find some that are the right colour and are just chocolate, or your could experiment by mixing light chocolate with white chocolate.

Dora Cake Pops

Step 6: I used a small paint brush to paint on her hair.  Right now, the look I’ve accomplished is Dora’s balding uncle.

Dora the Explorer Cake Pops

Step 7: Finish the hair and add the face.  Dora’s mouth is similar to that of the stars.  However, I was making her from memory, and I realized while at the party that I should have made her eyes quite a bit bigger.  At least I know for next time!

Dora the Explorer Cake Pops

And there you have them!  One of my Dora’s kind of ended up looking like Princess Leia, which is already making the wheels turn in my head…

Dora the Explorer Cake Pops

Hope you had a great birthday, Jada!  (Note… I did not make the cake… I have no expertise at all with fondant.)

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