Toddler Minion Hat Pattern

“Assemble the minions!” – Gru

Despicable Me is a favourite movie of my two-year-old son. Earlier this week, I had finished the Winnie the Pooh hat for my infant son, and my older one decided that he needed one, too. In the middle of an August heat wave (I think the day he asked for it, it was 36 with the humidex rating). So he looked at some hats online, and decided that he needed a minion hat. Right then. I couldn’t crochet it fast enough, and he was wearing it long before it was finished.


“It needs an eye, mom.”

Here is the pattern that I worked up to fit my son. He does have a rather large head, so this could probably fit a preschooler, as well.

Crochet Minion Hat


Magic Ring
Row 1 – ch1, 8sc in ring, join to first sc, ch 2
Row 2 – 2hdc in each sc, join to first hdc, ch 2
Row 3 – 2hdc in first hdc, 1hdc in next, repeat until the end (24hdc), join to first hdc, ch2
Continue adding 8hdc each time until you get to row 8, and then switch to black
Row 9 – 2hdc in first hdc, 7hdc, repeat around (72hdc)
Rows 10&11 – 72hdc in black, and then switch back to yellow
Make 7 more rows of 72hdc in yellow (if not making earflaps, you can bind off here), and then start the earflaps

Row 1 – ch2, 14hdc, ch2, turn
Row 2 – hdc decrease, 10hdc, hdc decrease, ch2, turn
Row 3 – hdc decrease, 8 hdc, hdc decrease, ch 2, turn
Continue until you have 4hdc, then next row:
2 hdc decrease (2hdc), bind off

Lay your hat out flat, and find the point opposite to where you started the first earflap. In that stitch, ch 2, then repeat what you did for the first earflap.

You can go around the edge of the hat and earflaps in blue, if you wish.

With black, make a slip knot, ch 4, join to first ch, ch1
6sc in centre ring, join to first sc, and switch to white
Ch1, 2sc in each sc, join to first sc, ch1
2sc in first, 1 in next sc, repeat until end, join to first sc, ch1 (18sc)
Make five total rows of white sc, increasing by 6sc each time (30 sc total), and then switch to grey. With grey, outline the entire eye with sc, going through both loops. Bind off. Attach the eye to the centre of the black band.

I braided 9 lengths of white, blue, and black on the earflaps.

I hope you enjoy your minion hat. My son sure does!


If you notice any errors, please contact me!


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