Detox Bath

We’re not all feeling 100% around here this week.  The fall cold season is upon us, and my allergies have been bothering me for some time.  Because I’m nursing, I can’t take a whole lot.  However, I did come across the directions for a detox bath on Pinterest last winter, and I thought that I’d try it.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay in as long as I wanted, because my baby is sick, too, and woke up and started fussing not long after I got in.

Fill up the bath with the hottest water you can stand.  If it is too hot, add a little cold water, but it has to be hot.  Add epsom salts (at least a cup), baking soda, and ginger.  The ginger will make you sweat!  Staying in for 20 minutes will help the toxins get out of your system, and if you can stay in for a second 20 minutes, your body can absorb some of the minerals in the water.  If you’re feeling like you’ve got a cold coming on, wrap yourself up in a blanket and keep warm following your bath will help with the detoxifying process.


3 thoughts on “Detox Bath

  1. this sounds great. i’m not a bath person at all but might try this over the weekend. Another home remedy for throat and cold infections is to mix up a teaspoon or so of salt in some hot water and then gargle with it. Try and do this every hour. The salt will nail infections and sometimes it eases the soreness within minutes 🙂

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