New Baby Blanket

I just wanted to give you an update with what has been going on lately:


I’m making a new baby blanket. It’s just a simple granny square, but the colours are awesome. I’m making it using Red Heart With Love (white, pewter, ice aqua, blue Hawaii, and cover). I’ll post the pattern and the finished project within the week (I hope!). But if you know how to do a granny square, it’s pretty simple!

Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Here’s a quick post on something I made today. We’re in the midst of craft and bake sales, so November is pretty busy.

I’ve got a craft sale coming up tomorrow, so I whipped these puppies up. Use whatever cake and vanilla frosting recipe you wish (canned is ok, too!), and then tint your frosting green. I use the Wilton icing recipe, because it tints the best (Check out my ‘Hello Kitty’ post for the recipe!).


Put the icing in a piping bag with a star tip (I used my largest one, I think it’s a 20), and go around in circles on top. Add some silver ball decorations (or anything, really) to look like ornaments.

For the star topper, I put some yellow melting chocolate into a piping bottle, and made a star shape.

My big boy is turning 3 next week, and he’s into Spider-Man big time. Stay tuned for a few posts related to that (notably cake decorating and cake pops!).