Frozen Cake Pops – Olaf and Snowy Mountains

My friend’s little girl had her fourth birthday party yesterday, and the theme was ‘Frozen’. Here are the cake pops I made:

These were simple balls, dipped in blue chocolate, and then sprinkled with blue and white coarse sugar. When you make upside down pops, make sure the push them down onto the parchment paper, or you’ll get a tippy one like the one over on the right.

Now, here’s how to make Olaf. Make an oval, and then squish the ends to make the middle thicker through:

Then dip them in white chocolate. Immediately stick two small pieces of black licorice lace into the top for the hair. You’ll want to make sure to do this before the chocolate hardens.


In hindsight, if I had orange-coated sesame seeds, I would have used them for the nose. My orange wasn’t holding up. I you’ve got them, make sure to stick them in at the same time as you do the hair. After the chocolate dries, you can paint on eyes, eyebrows, and the mouth. If you’ve got candy eyes, feel free to use them. For the mouth, I painted the black first, and the painted the white tooth over top.


My chocolate was not cooperating (it was an older stash), so these could definitely be a little neater. But I still think that Olaf is pretty cute!