Quick Project! Crochet a Newborn-Sized Santa Hat

I apologize for those of you who think this is too early, but I’m starting on my Christmas gifts.  Through my facebook page, I found a local photographer.  I offered to crochet a Santa hat for her to use in some of her upcoming shoots.  I hope you like it, Tamara!  I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’m new to crochet, especially making up my own patterns.  I had tried about 4 different patterns before I settled on this one, and once I did, it came together very quickly, in under two hours.  Here is the secret:

Super bulky yarn (Red Hear Light and Lofty) and a 10mm crochet hook, yessiree!

Here’s the pattern I came up with, feel free to make any changes!

Newborn Crochet Santa Hat

Round 1 – With the red yarn, make a magic ring, ch 2.  Make 4hdc into the ring.  Join at the first hdc, not at the ch (it makes for an invisible seam). (4hdc)

Round 2 – Ch 2, and then make 2hdc in each (8hdc – do not count first ch2, just count the hdc)

Round 3 – Ch 2, *hdc in first stitch, then 1 hdc*, repeat between the stars three more times (12hdc)

Rounds 4-7 – Continue in this fashion, adding 4hdc each row until you get to 28.  This should have a circumference of about 13″, if it doesn’t, make one more round.

Round 8 – hdc (28hdc).  Break the red colour.

Round 9 – join the white yarn, and sc all around.

Round 10 & 11 – sc, bind off, and sew in the tail.

If you need to make it longer, you can add more rounds of white.

To finish, add a white pompom to the top.

**Variations for older children – continue increasing until the hat has reached the proper circumference, and then add one more row of red, and then a few of white.

I hope that pattern made sense!  I will get used to writing patterns one of these days…

Make a Tinsel Scarf!

I was at a store this morning, and the sign said “63 days until Christmas!”… but seeing as how today is two months from Christmas Eve, I think it’s actually 61.  Anyway, this means that I am going to start with the Christmas crafts.  I will be selling some things at craft sales starting on November 17th, so I have to get busy.  Anyway, I found this yarn at Michael’s a few weeks ago:

It’s called ‘Festive’ by Loops & Threads, comes in three colours (red, green and silver… maybe more, but all I saw was three), and it looks just like tinsel!  Ah… tinsel… the stuff that you’d cut and wear on your head so you could be an angel in your Christmas pageant.  Or you’d decorate a tree with it… 

However, this stuff is not at all scratchy like real tinsel, it’s actually pretty soft.  And it’s a breeze to crochet, and probably to knit, as well.  I’d recommend using large needles or a crochet hook.  I used a 10mm hook, and I would use at least that for knitting needles.  Here’s my crochet pattern (and please forgive me… I’m not great at patterns):

Tinsel Scarf – use one ball of Festive

Ch 9, skip three ch, and make 1DC each in next 6ch.  Make 3 ch, turn, and DC across.

Does that make sense?  In each row, there is the 3ch that makes 1DC, and then 6 additional DC, to make 7 all together.  This makes a nice long, but thin scarf, so you could wrap it around your neck, or double it and loop it like I did.  Enjoy the tinsel!

Note: for knitting, cast on 6-10 (depending on how thick you’d like your scarf), and knit across each row.