Cotton Star Baby Toy

Here’s another baby toy made from cotton yarn!

I used a 5mm hook and Bernat Handicrafter cotton yarn.

Star Pattern

Make 2
Make a magic circle. In the centre of the circle, make 10sc. Join to first sc with a sl st, then ch 1.
Row 2 – make 2 sc in each sc. Join to first sc with a sl st. Ch 1. (20 sc)
Row 3 – make 2sc in first sc, then 3 sc, repeat around. Join to first sc with sl st. Ch 1. (25 sc)
Row 4 – make 2sc in first sc, then 4 sc, repeat around. Join to first sc with sl st. Ch 1 (30 sc)

This finishes the body of the star. Now we’ll make the points. You’ll make five altogether.

Row 1 – 6 sc, ch 1 turn.
Row 2 – sc2tog, sc 5, ch 1, turn.
Repeat for 4 more rows, decreasing by 1 sc each time. When you get to one st, you’ll make sl st all down the arm until you get to the body again, where you’ll repeat to make 4 more arms.
When you finish with the last arm, finish off, leaving a long tail for sewing.

Hold the two wrong sides together, and whipstitch around. Leave a gap for stuffing with polyester fibre fill, or scrap yarn or fabric. I also put two jingle bells inside. Finish stitching, and then tie the ends and cut them. Then give them to a happy baby!



Tassels Baby Toy

I made my baby a new hat last week. His favourite part are the tassels. He often has the hat pulled off, and the tassels in his mouth. I decided to make him a toy.


I used a 4.5mm hook, and Bernat Handicrafter yarn. When the toy gets full of baby drool, it can be thrown in the washing machine with my other dishcloths and towels!

Ch17. Insert your hook into the 3rd chain from the beginning, and make 15hdc across. Ch2, turn. Make 10 total rows of 15 hdc, then bind off.
Make a second square the same size, but don’t bind off. Hold the wrong sides together, then sc all around to attach the two squares together, putting three scs at the corners. Bind off.

Make 24 long lengths of yarn, probably around 8 inches. Take six of each and pull them through the corners. Braid and then tie off the ends. Give it to a teething baby, and make them very happy!



Lovable Lion Hat

Here is the hat that my three-year-old requested.

Lion HatLion Hat

He likes to ROAR while he’s wearing it.  I also happen to think that he looks a little like a shag carpet running around while he’s wearing it, but that’s neither here nor there.

Lion Hat – would probably fit up to 5T, he’s got a rather large head.  You can adjust the width or length accordingly to make it fit any size head. I used Impeccable by Loops and Threads, and a 4.5mm hook.

Ch 4.  Insert hook into first ch, and join together with sl st.  Ch 3.
In the circle you just made, make 10dc.  Join to first dc with sl st, ch 3.
Make 2 dc in each dc (20 dc), join to first dc with a sl st, ch 3.
2 dc in first dc, 1 dc in next.  Repeat until you reach the end of the row (30 dc).  Join to first dc with sl st, ch 3.
Keep adding 10 dc each time until you get to row 8, with 80dc.    Make six more rows.  Finish by joining to first dc with a sl st.  If you are making earflaps, continue on.  If not, bind off.

EarflapsAfter joining to first st with a sl st, ch 1.  Make 15 sc across.  Ch 1, turn.
Sc2tog, sc across until last two sc, sc2tog.
Continue in this fashion, decreasing by two sc each row until you get to 3 sc.
Sc2tog, sc.  Ch 1, turn.
Sc2tog, bind off.

Repeat instructions for second earflap halfway across the hat (skipping approximately 25 st).

When finished, go around the hat with a single row of sc in orange.

Eyes – I’m not 100% satisfied with the eyes… I may change them.  But here’s what I did:Make 2
Ch 4, join to first ch with a sl st.  Ch 1
In circle created with the ch, make 8 sc.  Join to first sc with sl st, ch 1.
Make 2sc in each sc.  Join to first sc with sl st, bind off, leaving a long tail for attaching to the hat.

With black, ch 4.  Join to first st with sl st, ch 1.
Make 8 sc in centre of circle.  Join to first sl st, and change colour to main colour of hat.
Make 2 sc in first 6 sc.  Ch 1, turn.
Make 2 sc in first sc, 1 sc in second.  Repeat 5 more times.  Ch 1, turn.Make 2 sc in first sc, then two sc.  Repeat 5 more times.  Ch 1, turn.
Sc across.  Break yarn.
Join orange onto the bottom part of the black.  Make 2 sc in each of the two remaining black st.  Ch 1.  When you turn, put your hook through the yellow part, as well.
2 sc in first sc, 1 sc.  Repeat.  Ch 1, join in with the yellow, turn.
2 sc in first sc, 2 sc.  Repeat.  Ch 1, join in with the yellow, turn.
Sc across remaining orange st.  Join with the yellow.  Break yarn.

When attaching the muzzle to the hat, allow it to puff out, and stuff with fibre fill or scrap yarn.

Ears (make 2)
Ch 4, join to first ch with sl st.  In the circle, make 8 sc.
Sc 2 in first 2 sc, 2 hdc in next 4 sc, then 2 sc in last 2 sc.  Join with sl st.  Ch 1.
2sc, sc, 2sc, sc, 2sc, sc, 2hdc, hdc, 2hdc, hdc, 2sc, sc, 2sc, sc, 2sc, sc.  Join with sl st.  Break yarn.  Make a second ear the same way.  Hold the two wrong sides together, and then sc around.

Make a few hundred 5 inch lengths of orange and tan.  What I did was wrap yarn around a playing card, and then snipped along the bottom to make sure they were all about the same length.  I hooked two strands of yarn in around the dc, and then pulled the yarn through the loop that was created.  If you’re familiar with latch-hooking, that’s how I did it.  Hopefully the picture will help you understand:

Lion Hat

Then you need to tie other pieces of mane in all around the hat.

Lion Hat Lion Hat

And hopefully you’ll have a happy customer!  The extra yarn keeps him pretty toasty as he’s running around outside.

If you try this pattern out, please let me know if there is anything missing, or any inconsistencies!  Please feel free to make and sell items using my patterns, but do not publish them as your own or sell them.  If you make it, and feature it on your website, please send them back to my site for the original.  Thank you!

Mighty Monkey Hat

I’ve often called my kids animals, so now I’m dressing them that way. With my baby’s big brown eyes, I wanted to make him an animal hat that complemented them. I settled on a monkey.


I used Loops and Threads Impeccable for the yarn, and a 4.5mm crochet hook. This hat will fit up to 1 yr old. You can adjust the circumference or length as necessary.

Begin with dark brown.
Ch4, slip st in first ch, ch1.
Row 1 – make 8 sc in the ring. Join with sl stitch, ch 2.
Row 2 – make 2 hdc in each sc (16 hdc), join with sl stitch, ch 2.
Row 3 – 2 hdc, 1 hdc, repeat until end for 24 hdc. Join with sl stitch, ch 2.
Continue in this fashion, evenly adding 8 hdc each row until you get to row 9 (72 hdc).
Make 72 hdc all around for 5 more rows. If making a hat without earflaps, bind off at the end of this row, then do a round around with light brown. If making earflaps, do not bind off, but continue with the following directions:

Earflap 1 – ch 1. Make 13 sc across. Ch 1, turn.
Row 2 – sc2tog, sc until last 2sc, sc2tog. Ch 1, turn.
Continue this way, decreasing by two sc each row, until you get to 3 sc.
Next row – sc2tog, sc 1, ch 1 turn.
Next row – sc2tog. Bind off.

Earflap two
Count 23 st from the side of the first earflap. Join the brown yarn, and follow the steps for the first. When finished both earflaps, outline the entire hat with light brown yarn, making scs all around.

Ears (make 2)
With the light brown, ch 4. Join to first ch with sl st, ch 1.
Row 1 – make 8 sc in centre of ring. Join to first st with sl st, ch 1.
Row 2 – make 2 sc in each sc. Join to first sc with sl st. Ch 1.
Row 3 – 2 sc in first, 1 sc in second. Continue around until you get 24 sc. Join yo first sc with sl st, bind off.
With dark brown, repeat to end of the third row, but do not bind off. Hold two ear pieces together, with the right sides facing out, and then make a row of sc all around. Bind off, leaving a long tail for attaching to hat.


I attached the ears at the seventh and eighth rows.

Eyes (make 2)
The eyes are done making the same three row circle as the ears, using light brown. After completing the row circles, sew them together with 4 or 5 stitches, as seen in the picture before adding them to the hat:



Ch 12. Make 1 hdc in second ch from hook, 8 hdc across, and 4 in last ch. Make 8 hdc across the other side, and 3 in the same st as the first. Join to first hdc with sl st, and ch 2.
2 hdc in first st. 10 hdc, 2 hdc in each of the next 2, 10 hdc, 2 hdc in last.
Hdc all around. Bind off, leaving a long tail to attach to hat.

Sew ears to hat
Sew eyes, adding black dots for pupils
Sew a smile onto the muzzle, before attaching it to the hat. When attaching the muzzle, allow it to puff out. I stuffed mine with spare yarn. Add a nose.
Make a tassel for each earflap using 2 strands of brown, light brown, and black, braiding them together.

Feel free to make this hat. Let me know of any irregularities or inconsistencies in my pattern.

You can sell any finished hats with this pattern, but please do not sell the pattern or reproduce it without my consent. Feel free to post any finished projects on your own site, but please send them back here for the pattern. Enjoy!


Stay tuned, because I’ll be posting the pattern for big brother’s hat soon!

Crochet Baby Mittens

For about a year, I’ve been making Repeat Crafter Me’s cuffed crochet baby booties. I needed some mittens to go along with them, but couldn’t find a pattern I liked. I made one from cuff to fingers (black pair), and the other pair were made top down. Try both to see which ones you like!



Black Cuff-to-Fingers Pattern
Ch 20, join to first ch with sl st, being careful not to twist ch. ch1
4 rows of sc
1 row of tc (for a ribbon) or dc (for a chain, like with the grey pair) – change colour
Over the next 4 rows, increase by 2 sc in each row, so you have 28 st at the end of that 4th row.
Make 3 rows of sc.
Next row, sc2tog all across (14 sc)
Next row, sc2tog across (7sc)
Next row, make 3 sc2tog, sc (4sc)
Break yarn, and sew up the hole.

Finish by weaving a ribbon through the row of tc.

Grey Top-down Mittens
Make magic ring, then make 4 sc in ring
Row 1 – 2sc in next 3 sc, ten 1 sc(7sc)
Row 2 – 2sc in each sc (14sc)
Row 3 – 2sc in each sc (28sc)
Make 3 rows of sc
Over next 4 rows, decrease by 2 sc in each row until you ave 20 sc – change colour
20 dc
Finish with 4 rows of sc, then finish off

With main colour, chain 60, then finish off. Use the long chain to weave through the row of dc.

Sorry that the pictures weren’t clearer. I had a crying baby, and I had to get them out the door to go to their new home.

New Baby Blanket

I just wanted to give you an update with what has been going on lately:


I’m making a new baby blanket. It’s just a simple granny square, but the colours are awesome. I’m making it using Red Heart With Love (white, pewter, ice aqua, blue Hawaii, and cover). I’ll post the pattern and the finished project within the week (I hope!). But if you know how to do a granny square, it’s pretty simple!

Cotton Baby Toys

My three month is starting to pick up things, and they’re immediately going to his mouth. I wanted to make him something to chew on, and would also absorb some of the drool he’s been spouting, as well.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed the beautiful colours that are available in cotton yarns. I’ve bought skeins here and there for dishcloths, but I knew there had to be another purpose. I’m also working on some baby socks made in the cotton, as well. I’ll share them when I get them finished.


Here’s the pattern. You’ll need a 5mm hook, cotton yarn (you can make two toys with on of the little skeins) and something to crochet on, a teething ring, a chain link, whatever drives your fancy. Note: if you use a wooden tether, you’ll have it take it once they get teeth and can make dents in the wood. I used a BPA-free plastic toy. Also, you can wash these in the washing machine! I put them in a garment bag to keep them from getting beat around too much.  Here’s the type of links that I used:


Make a slip knot on the ring.


Ch 3. Make 1 hdc around the ring, ch 1. Make 7 more hdc around the ring with 1ch after each one. Make 1 last hdc. All together you’ll have 19 st.


For the next 8 rows, put 2hdc in the first st, hdc until the last, and then put 2hdc in the last st. Each row will have an increase of 2 hdc, one on each end.

For the next three rows, make 2 hdc decreases, then hdc across to the last 4 st, and make two more hdc decreases. Finish off and weave in ends. Find a baby to give it a chew, and enjoy!


Jack was already in bed by the time I got around to finishing this, but hopefully I’ll get a picture of him with his new toy tomorrow to share with you!

*Edited on October 27 to add more pictures.