Here’s a little sneak peek of what’s planned for tonight!

Hubs did a pretty awesome job carving it, wouldn’t you say?  The teeth I found at the dollar store for a buck.  I’ve seen them on etsy for around $5, so when I saw them at the dollar store, I snagged a pack.

Hunting Hat

I will start out this post by saying that I’m not a hunter.  However, if my husband’s guns were in the house, he would be one.  I also live in an area where there are a lot of hunters.  It’s currently deer season here, and I think you can also go out and hunt birds, like partridge.  Anyway, darling son and I were out for a walk last weekend, when deer season first opened, and we heard a couple of shots ring out.  Turns out it was across the road, so it was nowhere close to us, but it still freaked me out a lot.  I picked up a bright orange skein of Red Heart Kids (it was buy one get one half off at Zellers… so I’m making one for me, too), and I made him a hat using this pattern from Red Heart.  It turned out pretty good!

We’ll still take care when we go in the woods, and I’ll make sure the dog has her reflective vest on, as well, but at least I can breathe a little easier during hunting season!

Crockpot Apple Crisp

We had thanksgiving dinner at my aunt and uncle’s house.  Their house is in the middle of an apple orchard (in fact, my uncle’s family has an apple u-pick), so whenever we visit in the fall, we go out and get some apples.  Hubs and my darling son went out and played in the orchard and got a few good pics:

I guess maybe there was a little apple sampling going along with the picking (my husband calls it ‘quality control’).  Anyway, I told them that I wanted some Cortland apples to make an apple crisp, and I received some beautiful good-sized apples:

The first thing I did was core them and chop them.  I did not peel them.  Everyone in our house likes apple peels, and hey, they’ve got a lot of nutrients for them, I’m not throwing them out!  Besides, they turn pretty mushy, and you won’t even notice them.  I cut up approximately 6 cups of apples and put them in the bottom of my slow cooker.  And here’s why I saw ‘approximately 6 cups’.  I had someone helping me out there, too.

I then mixed together 2T of cornstarch, 2T of brown sugar, and some cinnamon sugar in with the apples, topping them off with 2T of lemon juice.

I don’t make pie crust very often, so I whipped out my seldom used pastry cutter for this next step.  I mixed 1/2 c of white sugar, 1/2 cup of brown, 1 cup of flour, almost 1t of cinnamon and almost 1t of nutmeg.  By almost, I mean I didn’t quite fill up the full teaspoon.  And then I cut in 1/2c of margarine.  When it’s nice and crumbly, you can put it over top of your apples.

Because crockpot times vary, once the apples are soft, it is almost done.  We cooked ours at low for about 4 hours.  Once the apples are soft, remove the lid for about an hour so the top to crisp up a bit, and then serve with ice cream or whipped cream.

Fall and Hallowe’en Jewellery

I’ve dug out the hats, boots, and warmer jackets.  Autumn is here.  We even had a little snow today.  It was the kind of snow that doesn’t stay on the ground, but it was snow nevertheless.

The week before Thanksgiving, I started making some Fall jewellery and Hallowe’en jewellery out of clay.  I sold out of all my ghosts and pumpkins before I got a chance to make anymore.  I made some more last night, and here’s how they turned out:

For all of these, I used Premo mini-metal cutters, but then added faces with a Sharpie or using a knife to create hatch marks on the centres of the sunflowers.  I’m anxious to try some more free-handed things.  I have made a few, but I’m waiting for Christmas to try some more!

How to display your baked goods

It’s all about the presentation.  For our last market of the season, Thanksgiving was upon us (Canadian Thanksgiving), and Hallowe’en was just around the corner.  Fresh turkeys were for sale, hot soup was be given out, turkey cupcakes were gobbling… I mean… being gobbled up.  And I made some jack-o’-lantern cakepops and chocolate suckers… and some chocolate bats.  I needed a festive way to display them.  Here’s the finished product:

This is really easy to do!  All you need is:

  • Flower foam (the green stuff to hold artificial flowers)
  • Theme-appropriate bucket
  • Tissue paper to match
  • Cakepops or chocolate suckers

Cut the flower foam to fit inside the bucket.  You may need to add some crumpled newspaper to give the foam height.  Cover the foam with tissue paper.  Stick the pops and suckers through the foam into the tissue paper.  Add other pieces of tissue paper around.  Enjoy!

Stenciled glass projects and free-hand painting

It all started with an issue of Canadian House and Home.  One of the editor DIY projects was a stenciled table runner.  I thought to myself “that looks nice and easy!”  And then the Martha Stewart stencils and paints were on sale at Michael’s.

That was June, I believe.  And they’ve been sitting in the basement until this weekend.  I finally broke them out, and decided to try them.  Here are the results:

Obviously, the two on the right are stenciled, and the three on the left are done freehand.  And there is a reason why there is no closeup of the candy corn candle holder.  My candy corn isn’t that great yet.  Anyway, here’s a close up of the two that are stenciled:

Once they were done, I actually was pleased with how they turned out.  The stencils worked great once I figured out how to use them.  You adhere them to the surface that you are working on, and then paint.  Peel them off while the paint is still wet.  I used a toothpick to clean up any little bleeding, and it worked pretty good.  I tried re-sticking the stencil, but no dice.  Paint got everywhere.  I needed to wash it, dry it, and then stick it on again.  It is a little time-consuming if you are going to be doing a lot of repeats.  I must say that they stuck to the glass again wonderfully.  I had been a little worried that the stickiness would go, but they were fine.

Then I decided to try a little free-hand painting:

I needed probably at least three layers (if not four) for the orange to be thick enough over the glass.  You can almost see the candy corn in the background, and it does look ok from a distance.  Free-hand was more fun, and a lot less tricky than the stencils, but I need more practice with it.  I haven’t really painted a lot.

Hope you enjoy my candy dishes and candle holders, and try some glass painting yourself!

PS – I hope to make some fall-themed jewellery this week (tonight, fingers crossed), and I’ll show you how that turns out!