Family Bracelets

For Christmas this year I gave my mother and my mother-in-law both grandmother’s pride bracelets.


They were made on a stretchy cord with pearls and crystals. The hardest part was finding the right crystals to match the birthstones! Some ones you can try are daughter’s pride, which has the daughter’s birthstone in the middle with the parents on either side, or mother’s or grandmother’s pride, which is the children or grandchildren in order from oldest to youngest. I hope to make something for myself incorporating my boys’ birthstones soon.

Intention Bracelets

Yesterday I graduated from my yoga teacher training program, and am now a certified yoga instructor. As part of my final project, I wanted to give the other women in my class a gift to symbolize our journey together (you can become pretty close after spending 200 hours together). We had spent a day on the beach together as part of our training, and when I got home, there was sand everywhere. I saved it,many used it in my project.


I mixed a small amount of sand in with some clay.


I only added enough sand so the clay would be speckled. It wouldn’t hold much more than that. After kneading well, I made long tubes, and cut them so they were about an inch long. I used a toothpick to make the centre hole, and then baked them at 250 for about 10 minutes. After the had cooled, I used a Sharpie (I used the oil-based metallic ones, silver and gold) to write words on them: calm, peace, be, am, air, hope, faith, joy, etc, and then made them into a bracelet with hemp.


When I come to my mat, setting my intention for the practice is one of the hardest things that I do. Hopefully, my ‘peace’ bracelet will help me focus the next time.

David’s Necklace

My son has been asking me to make him a necklace lately, so today I though that I’d tackle that project. I’ve also been itching to make my first cane out of polymer clay.

We started out by picking out three colours of clay. David picked his three favourites:


I then broke off about 1/4 of each block, and then conditioned it slightly.


I then smushed the pieces together.


Then I started rolling the clay into a long snake, and then twisting and rolling again until I was satisfied with the marbling effect.


Using a blade from an exactly knife, I started sawing off small sections of the log I had made.


I rolled the sections into spheres, and then used a toothpick to make the hole. Then I baked the clay on parchment paper at 275 for about 15 minutes. We broke out the hemp, and started stringing the beads.


He was very pleased with the end result!


I want to apologize for not posting much recently. We had someone new join our family six weeks ago, and he’s been taking up quite a bit of our time. Here’s Jack!


Also, this is the first post that I’ve made using my iPad. I’ll let you know how I feel about this app in a future post…

Fall and Hallowe’en Jewellery

I’ve dug out the hats, boots, and warmer jackets.  Autumn is here.  We even had a little snow today.  It was the kind of snow that doesn’t stay on the ground, but it was snow nevertheless.

The week before Thanksgiving, I started making some Fall jewellery and Hallowe’en jewellery out of clay.  I sold out of all my ghosts and pumpkins before I got a chance to make anymore.  I made some more last night, and here’s how they turned out:

For all of these, I used Premo mini-metal cutters, but then added faces with a Sharpie or using a knife to create hatch marks on the centres of the sunflowers.  I’m anxious to try some more free-handed things.  I have made a few, but I’m waiting for Christmas to try some more!

More jewellery!

So I’ve been a busy little beaver making more clay jewellery this week.  Check it out!

Some colourful roses: (check a previous post on how to make these ones!)


I also made some hair clips:Image

And some cupcakes:


A few watermelon pins:


And last but not least, I made a few more hairclips.  These little guys were supposed to be on posts for earrings, but were not cooperating, so they became clips.



Clay Rose Earrings

I’ve been having so much fun with clay lately.  I will definitely be posting some more pictures once I’ve finished all the treats that I’ve been making this week.

It was Christmas last year that I started making jewellery with clay.  I wanted Christmas-themed charms for my jewellery, and I couldn’t find anything.  I decided to try to make my own, making Christmas trees and stockings, and they turned out pretty good.  I wanted to branch out and do a little more this year.  I made some a few weeks ago, but I don’t have any left, because I sold them all at the market.  I made a few more this week.  Here’s the first one:


I’ve been selling the earrings and hair clips on my card, so hopefully more people with check out the facebook page or this blog.

And here’s a close up:


I wish I would have taken pictures step by step to show you how easy it was to make these.  I can try to explain though.

Step 1: Soften your clay by kneading it and rolling it in your hands.

Step 2: Make the inner bud by taking a small ball of clay, and smoothing it out to an oval shape.  Then wrap to get the rose bud.  Here is where I inserted the head pin for the earring.

Step 3: Continue to wrap petals around the first bud until you have reached the size you want.  Bake according to package directions for approximately 15 minutes.

Once cool, add a crystal (if you wish) to the pin, and make a loop.  Open the loop of the earring, and connect them all together.  Enjoy your new rose earrings!