Make your own money or gift card holders

I’ll be the first one to admit that I like to receive gift cards, especially if it’s for things that we really enjoy, like for the movies or for restaurants that we like to go to.  Here’s a way to pretty them up!

On Monday nights, I’ve been getting together with some friends, and we’ve been making cards.  We learned how to make a gift card holder a few weeks ago:

I decided that I wanted to do some for Christmas, and now you can too!

Step 1:
Cut two rectangles of card stock measuring 5.5″x4.5″

Step 2:
Put the two printed sides together.  If using double-sided paper, put the two sides together that you want on the outside.  Cut a design on the top, including an indent for the recipient to be able to retrieve the gift card or money.

Step 3:
Fold the sides up until they cover the cut edge.  Glue the sides and bottom on the cut piece.  Do not glue the top, because that will make your pocket for the gift card or money.  **Side note** I bought this ginormous bottle of tacky glue at the Dollar Store for $3.  Glue both pieces of paper together.

Step 4:
Cut a contrasting piece of card stock 1″x6.5″ (you can probably get away with using 6.25″, if you wish) and wrap it around the holder.  Glue the paper’s ends together, and cover the seam with a sticker, if you wish.

Happy crafting!