Crochet an Elf Hat in Under an Hour!

Start to finish… less than an hour.  Granted, it is a little hat, but still!  For the pattern, see my post on the Crochet Santa Hat.

I did make some modifications, however.  I used a DC instead of the HDC (I also ch 3 at the start of each row, not ch 2).  It’s still the same amount of row and stitches, though.

For the elf hat, the first two rows are green, rows 3-4 are red, 5-6 green, and 7-8 red.  Then there are three rows of sc in white.

Using the Dc instead of the HDC made it taller, and floppier, because the stitches are looser.  It’s up to you which one you like.  I like them both!

**As a note, this one does have a bigger circumference.  I’ve only done the one, so I’m not sure if it’s because of the pattern, or because of me, but this one would fit a baby up to 3 months.  But seeing as how it makes up so quickly, I could probably whip out another one tonight and see… or maybe just go to bed.  Good night everyone!

**Edit Nov 5** – I tried this one on little man, who is almost two, and if I really stretched it, it fits him, so I’d say this one would be sized up to 1 year