Baked Tacos

My little guy made salsa at playgroup yesterday, and that had me hankering for some Mexican food.  There was a recipe floating around on facebook for baked tacos that had me drooling, and I knew it was meant to be.  I changed it a little from the original, but it was still very tasty.  AND the two-year-old who has been very defiant and not wanting to eat anything at supper time at half of a taco.  SUCCESS!

Anyway, here’s what you do:

Brown the meat.  I used lean ground beef.  The package I had was just shy of a pound, about 400g.  While I was browning it, I seasoned it with my own personal concoction, but feel free to use a package of taco seasoning if you wish.  I used chili powder, onion powder, dehydrated onions, red pepper flakes, cumin, salt, pepper, garlic, and fresh oregano.  You’ll want to taste to make sure you’ve got the flavours right.  I put in a lot of chili and cumin because I’m slightly congested, and I wanted something spicy.

Next, I preheated the oven to 375.  I lined up 8 whole grain tortillas in a pan, and filled them with the meat.  I then added some refried beans (I used about half a can), spooned some salsa over top and then finished them off with a sprinkle of cheese.  I popped them in the over for about 10 minutes, and then we ate them with plain yogurt (we had the Balkan style) and some lettuce.


Taco Soup

I apologize for not having any pictures of this yummy soup.  We were quite hungry that night, and taking a photo was the last thing on my mind.  When the weather turns cold, I start craving soup.  I found the taco soup recipe on this site (there are also many, many, many other slow cooker recipes on this site!!), and I thought it looked pretty good.  However, due to our local grocery stores being a little, ah, limited in their selection of products, I had to improvise a little bit.  Here’s my recipe:

Taco Soup Recipe

  • 1lb browned ground beef
  • 2 cans of kidney beans – rinsed and drained
  • 1 can of white beans – rinsed and drained
  • 1 can of black beans – rinsed and drained
  • 2 large cans of diced tomatoes
  • 1 can of chilies (small can, you can find it next to the taco kits)
  • 1 can of corn
  • 1 packet of taco seasoning
  • 1 packet of ranch dressing
  • *optional* soup stock or water – mine seemed to be dry, so I added about 1 cup of soup stock, and 1-2 cups of water
  • toppings – sour cream (we use Greek yogourt), cheddar cheese, and tortilla chips

If you are going to make this in a crock pot, cook the hamburger first, and then put everything in the crockpot, and cook it for 4-8 hours (4 on high, 8 on low).  I made it in a pot on the stove, and it turned out pretty yummy.  There were a lot of beans, however, and if you’re not a bean fan, cut the amount of beans in half.

Next day ideas:

Now, this makes about 4L of soup.  I sent home some with my parents, and there was still lots left over for supper the next night.  We mixed it up with some rice, and wrapped them in soft wraps, and made enchiladas.  Also very yummy!