Here’s a little sneak peek of what’s planned for tonight!

Hubs did a pretty awesome job carving it, wouldn’t you say?  The teeth I found at the dollar store for a buck.  I’ve seen them on etsy for around $5, so when I saw them at the dollar store, I snagged a pack.

Fall and Hallowe’en Jewellery

I’ve dug out the hats, boots, and warmer jackets.  Autumn is here.  We even had a little snow today.  It was the kind of snow that doesn’t stay on the ground, but it was snow nevertheless.

The week before Thanksgiving, I started making some Fall jewellery and Hallowe’en jewellery out of clay.  I sold out of all my ghosts and pumpkins before I got a chance to make anymore.  I made some more last night, and here’s how they turned out:

For all of these, I used Premo mini-metal cutters, but then added faces with a Sharpie or using a knife to create hatch marks on the centres of the sunflowers.  I’m anxious to try some more free-handed things.  I have made a few, but I’m waiting for Christmas to try some more!

How to display your baked goods

It’s all about the presentation.  For our last market of the season, Thanksgiving was upon us (Canadian Thanksgiving), and Hallowe’en was just around the corner.  Fresh turkeys were for sale, hot soup was be given out, turkey cupcakes were gobbling… I mean… being gobbled up.  And I made some jack-o’-lantern cakepops and chocolate suckers… and some chocolate bats.  I needed a festive way to display them.  Here’s the finished product:

This is really easy to do!  All you need is:

  • Flower foam (the green stuff to hold artificial flowers)
  • Theme-appropriate bucket
  • Tissue paper to match
  • Cakepops or chocolate suckers

Cut the flower foam to fit inside the bucket.  You may need to add some crumpled newspaper to give the foam height.  Cover the foam with tissue paper.  Stick the pops and suckers through the foam into the tissue paper.  Add other pieces of tissue paper around.  Enjoy!