Organizational Skills up the Wazoo

I’d like to think that I’m organized.  I’m organized enough to know the general area where something can be found, but that’s about it.  I’m also a bit of a pack rat.  My darling husband calls me a yarn hoarder.  I have been bad in the past for saving everything.  I mean everything.  I just threw out notebooks from high school, thinking I might “need them”.  The university ones are next.  When in doubt, I google, I don’t go back and look through my boxes of notes.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to get my craft supplies organized.  It all started when I was in Canadian Tire, and found a little tackle box on sale for $2.99.  I thought that it would be wonderful to store jewellery making supplies in, and I was right.  It had 18 compartments, and was great!  I put hook earrings in one, clip ons in another, lobster clamps… you get the idea.  However, it wasn’t enough.  Then DH gave me a few containers that once held wood screws (from the dollar store!  He got 200 screws for $2, and I got another bead container!) and in went head pins, hair clips, and safety pins.  Then I saw this in the Princess Auto flyer (which in itself is amazing.  I never look at that thing):


Granted, it did have a huge “POWER FIST” label on it which I couldn’t quite peel off, but who cares?  The top compartment is great for holding all of my pliers (which I had bought at Michael’s for a ridiculous price, and DH bought me some at Home Hardware for half the price… for FIVE!), some wire, and the longer head pins that don’t fit in the smaller compartments.  Speaking of compartments… there are 4 cases, each with 18 smaller compartments.  You can take some of the walls out and make them larger, should you wish.  It’s awesome.  The best part is that it was only $11.99.  They had a comparable case at Michael’s for about $50, on sale (granted, it was slightly larger… but $50, come on!).

So I guess in this post, dear readers, I encourage you to look outside of the box for your storage/organizational needs.  Craft stores will put a label on something saying it is for ‘jewellery storage’ or ‘scrapbook storage’, and charge more, because it is specialized.  Check out the hardware stores, or dollar stores.  I’ve been finding lots of awesome findings for less than a quarter of the price at dollar stores lately.

Oh… and the two plastic crazy bins you see beside my new tool box are the bins that I have been using for my beads.  It’s really just a jumble.  I will be saving one for my larger things, like my loom, and bead board, and books.  Even to get rid of a grocery bag of packaging was nice.  And kind of sad.  We don’t have a bulk bead store locally, so when you buy beads, there is a lot of packaging.

And now, I must get back to the sorting.  I’ll show you some more storage things once I get my craft room all nice and tidy.  The in-laws were visiting this week, and the door was kept firmly shut.  It’s a jungle out there… I mean… down there…