Crochet Baby Mittens

For about a year, I’ve been making Repeat Crafter Me’s cuffed crochet baby booties. I needed some mittens to go along with them, but couldn’t find a pattern I liked. I made one from cuff to fingers (black pair), and the other pair were made top down. Try both to see which ones you like!



Black Cuff-to-Fingers Pattern
Ch 20, join to first ch with sl st, being careful not to twist ch. ch1
4 rows of sc
1 row of tc (for a ribbon) or dc (for a chain, like with the grey pair) – change colour
Over the next 4 rows, increase by 2 sc in each row, so you have 28 st at the end of that 4th row.
Make 3 rows of sc.
Next row, sc2tog all across (14 sc)
Next row, sc2tog across (7sc)
Next row, make 3 sc2tog, sc (4sc)
Break yarn, and sew up the hole.

Finish by weaving a ribbon through the row of tc.

Grey Top-down Mittens
Make magic ring, then make 4 sc in ring
Row 1 – 2sc in next 3 sc, ten 1 sc(7sc)
Row 2 – 2sc in each sc (14sc)
Row 3 – 2sc in each sc (28sc)
Make 3 rows of sc
Over next 4 rows, decrease by 2 sc in each row until you ave 20 sc – change colour
20 dc
Finish with 4 rows of sc, then finish off

With main colour, chain 60, then finish off. Use the long chain to weave through the row of dc.

Sorry that the pictures weren’t clearer. I had a crying baby, and I had to get them out the door to go to their new home.