Crockpot Rice Krispie Squares

Spring has arrived!  And it brought a snowstorm with it… and a snow day.  So we’re home in our PJs today.  We made some crockpot rice krispie squares today, and let me tell you, are they ever easy!  You use the recipe on the box, and here’s what you do:

Put your butter in first (I use margarine):

crockpot rice krispie squares

Then you add the marshmallows (the recipe calls for 40, but I put in 50, because I like ’em gooey):

crockpot rice krispie squares

I added vanilla at this point, and then covered the whole thing with the rice krispies:

crockpot rice krispie squares

Note: this the the 4L insert for my slow cooker.  If you have a smaller slow cooker, you will need to adjust the recipe.  At this point, I turned it on low and let it cook for about 50 minutes.

If it looks like this after stirring, it’s ready!


If the marshmallows haven’t all melted yet, leave it for another 20 minutes or so.


After you get it stirred, press it down into a GREASED 9×13 pan.  I used a piece of parchment paper to keep my fingers from getting sticky.


And then enjoy!  Yum yum!

crockpot rice krispie squares

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Pork loins were on sale this week at the grocery store.  I got a nice little one for about $4.  It was about 1.5lbs.  I had been craving pulled pork, so I decided to try it out in the slow cooker, and it was very easy!  We wanted to have it Sunday for lunch after church, so when we got home Saturday night, we put it in the slow cooker on low.  It cooked for about 8 hours on low, and that was all it needed.  In fact, I put it on warm for the last little bit so it wouldn’t cook too much.  We put some water in the slow cooker, and a little bit of Worcestershire sauce.  I took it out of the cooker, and pulled it apart with two forks.  If you can’t pull it, it’s not done.  Before putting it back in the cooker, I drained the liquid from the pot.  I put the meat back in, and added this barbeque sauce (which is also excellent on ribs!):

Sweet BBQ Sauce

  • 1C brown sugar
  • 3T flour
  • 1/4C vinegar
  • 1/4C ketchup
  • 3T soya sauce

Put all of the ingredients in a pot, and stir.  Bring to a boil, and allow it to cook until it just starts to thicken.  Don’t allow it to thicken too much, because it will cook more on the meat.  I doubled this recipe (in fact, we usually double it for any recipe we do), and when I double it, I only put in 5T of soya sauce, not 6.  But try it, and if you think it needs the extra one, put it in.

You can put a little coleslaw on your sandwich, or some cheese, or some onions… it’s up to you, whatever you like!