Toddler Christmas Hats

While the little guy and I were watching “Tupty” (that’s Thomas and Friends, for those of you that can’t speak toddler), I finished a few of my Christmas hats.  He was more than willing to model for me!

To get the basic idea of what I did, you can check out the Santa hat for a new born, and my post on a quick elf hat.  For these hats, I used Red Heart Light & Lofty, and a 10mm crochet hook.

Round 1: Make a magic ring and ch 3.  Make 4dc into the ring.  Join to first dc, not the ch3.

Round 2: Ch3, 2dc in each dc. (if making the elf hat, switch colours every two rows)

Round 3: Ch3, *2dc in first, 1dc in second* repeat between * * 3 more times.  12dc

Continue to increase in this fashion for 8 rows (32dc)

If making the Santa hat, continue with red, if making the elf hat, switch to white

Row 9: dc all around

Row 10-12: sc all around with white

I’m still experimenting with this pattern.  I’ll have to do one post once I get it all figured out for all sizes.  Hope you enjoy the pattern!

PS – 50 posts!  Thanks for reading!